10mm Cheetah cylinder  ported & plated            1400.00

10mm Cheetah head with domes & misc               350.00

Epoxy & trench cases for stroker crank     270.00

Pistons                                                              300.00
V-force reeds                                                   300.00
Set of intake boots                                         105.00
Complete stud & hardware kit                        65.00
Gasket set                                                          39.00
New 10mm crank shaft w/TZ                         900.00
Complete engine seal kit                                  45.00
1st thru 5th override tranny                           450.00


10mm Cheetah

This is a

64mm stroke X 73mm bore= 535cc 

Makes 126hp !


Click on dyno to get a better look!









14mm Cheetah

This is a

68mm stroke X 74.5 mm bore = 593cc 

  Makes 135hp!

Click  on Dyno to get a better look !













14mm Cheetah cylinder  ported & plated                 1400.00
Cheetah head with domes & misc                              350.00
Cut, epoxy & port complete cases for 68mm stroke   650.00
Pistons                                                                       300.00
V-force reeds                                                            300.00
Set of intake boots                                                     105.00
Complete stud & hardware kit                                      65.00
Case stud removal                                                     200.00                                                                                                       
Gasket set                                                                    39.00
68mm stroke billet crank shaft                                  1,150.00
Complete engine seal kit                                                45.00
1st thru 5th override tranny                                          450.00










Remember  the Cheetah is the FASTEST animal on land !


This is a graph of a 10mm Cheetah DM with a 78mm bore & and 10mm Cub with a 68mm Bore